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Google Scholar

Adding FullText@Palo Alto University

You can set up Google Scholar to embed FullText@Palo Alto University links within the search results for journal articles. 

Navigate to Google Scholar and look for the hamburger button in the upper-left hand corner of the page. Go to the bottom of the menu and select the Settings option. 

In the Settings page, click Library links. In the search bar enter Palo Alto University and be sure to check the box; select save. 

Now when you conduct searches in Google Scholar you will see a FullText@Palo Alto University link appear next to the articles. In the event of the link not working properly or you don't see it next to the article you want, try searching for it by title through the psychology and counseling databases at the library. You can always contact the librarians if you're encountering road blocks accessing resources. 

Finding full-text articles

In Google Scholar there are full-text articles that can be accessed but a vast majority of them will be behind a paywall; that is, unless the library has a subscription to the journal or can locate the article through an Open Access Repository. By following the above instructions and installing the FullText@Palo Alto University configuration, there will be links embedded in your Google Scholar searches. 

Selecting the FullText@Palo Alto University link will prompt FullText@Palo Alto University to check and see if the library has paid subscription access to the journal article. If there is no subscription access, there is a way to check and see if it's available through an Open Access repository. Look for the link that mentions other versions of the article, such as the screenshot below. 

Interlibrary Loan

If you come across a journal article through Google Scholar that we do not have access to through the library, you can place a request through Interlibrary Loan to see if we can get a copy through another library. 

Start at Targeted Search and enter the title of the article in closed quotations to do an exact phrase search for the article in question; this will yield more precise results. 

When you have located the article in the results page click on the title of the article, this will bring you to its record page. In the column on the left side of the page you will see an option to request the article through the interlibrary loan service at the library. Selecting this option will bring you to the interlibrary loan request form (note: you may be asked to login with your Palo Alto University credentials if you're making this request off campus). Most of the fields will be auto-populated through the request link but make sure all the fields with an asterisk symbol have been filled out. 

If you run into any issues making a request with the interlibrary loan form or have questions about its process, please e-mail the interlibrary loan department at