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Interlibrary Loan & Item Request Services

Use this guide to learn about and access interlibrary loan and item request services at the Palo Alto University Library as part of your research process..

About This Guide


ILL Information Graphic


Guide Navigation: To explore individual ILL topics, you can use the navigation menu, which repeats at the top of each page for your convenience. To use this guide as an ILL tutorial, use the links under the content on each page to move through the pages sequentially.


ILL Toolkit: Use the links listed under the navigation menu to go directly to important tools referenced throughout this guide. Click on the "info" icon for a description of each link.


Librarian Support: Use the "Getting Help" information located at the bottom of each page to connect with the PAU librarians when you need help.



GETTING HELP: Having trouble finding what you need? Having trouble with access? You can rest assured, because the PAU librarians are here to assist you! Please email us at and provide the details so we can respond to you in the best way possible. We're happy to communicate with you about a question or concern via email, or we can set up a phone call or Zoom session if that would be helpful. No request is too big or too small, so please reach out at any time!